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Lineman Grade Tools

Hot Line Tools Construction Tools Temporary-Grounding Equipment

Hot Line Tools

All types of tools mounted on Epoxiglas® insulated poles. Used to maintain energized high-voltage lines.

  • Insulated Load-Handling Tools
  • Storage and Transport Trailers
  • Insulated Hand-Held Sticks
  • Insulated Hot-Line Ladders
  • Platforms and Accessories
  • Rubber Line Hose
  • Cover-Up and Barriers
  • Meters and Instruments
  • Telescoping Tools
  • Deadend Tools
  • Conductor-Support Tools
  • Jumpering Equipment
  • Rubber Insulating Gloves & Sleeves

Construction Tools

Tools and accessories for building overhead, outside plant and underground power lines.

  • Capstan Hoists
  • Chain Hoists
  • Nylon Strap Hoists
  • Construction Ladders
  • Ropes and Slings
  • Bags and Buckets
  • Pole-Handling Tools

Temporary-Grounding Equipment

Clamps and accessories to help promote the safety of linemen while doing maintenance work on temporarily "dead" lines.

  • Grounding Clamps
  • Grounding Cable
  • Substation Grounding Sets
  • Underground Distribution Grounding Sets
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