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Ohio Brass: Arresters & Insulators

Arresters Insulators

Founded in Mansfield, OH, Ohio Brass is the market leader in polymer insulators and arresters. Insulators are used on transmission and distribution lines.

Designs include suspension, station and line post designs, as well as polymer insulator and arrester combinations for lightning protection. OB arresters protect against over voltages caused by lightning or switching.

Products are tested to the applicable ANSI, IEEE, IEC and LWIWG standards.


Equipment to protect against over voltages such as lightning or switching.

  • Station Class (Polymer & Porcelain)
  • Protecta*Lite® Systems (Polymer)
  • Intermediate Class (Polymer)
  • Distribution Class (Polymer)
  • ANSI and IEC Designs
  • Riser Pole (Polymer)
  • Distribution (Polymer) Arrester


Polymer insulators for transmission and distribution lines.

Transmission Insulators

  • Suspension Insulators
  • Line Post Insulators
  • Station Post Insulators

Distribution Insulators

  • Suspension Insulators
  • Station Post Insulators
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