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Insulating Cap

For installation on bushing interfaces designed to Figure 7 of IEEE Standard 386. It can be used as a temporary or a permanent cover on an energized circuit. To avoid low-energy discharge from the outer conductive shield, the 36-inch long braided lead must be grounded.

Order 9U01BEW500

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Grounded Parking Bushing

Provides a temporary ground for cable circuits having loadbreak elbows designed to the requirements of Fig. 7 of IEEE Standard 386. The bracket permits mounting on parking stands. This grounded bushing, with its 17- inch long lead, has successfully passed the fault-closing and short-time current tests.

Order 9U07BAF100

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Used either as a feed-thru or as a grounding device for the elbow connector. Equipped with a bracket for mounting on the apparatus parking stand, the feed-thru can be mounted by use of a hot stick. Center-to-center spacing between taps is 4.0 inches.

Order 228FT - Horizontal

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Grounding Elbow

Each set includes an orange-jacketed elbow, 6 feet of 1/0 copper grounding cable with yellow jacket and bronze ground clamp T6000466.

Order T6002131

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Insulated Parking Bushing

Provides a temporary or permanent parking position for energized 15.2/26.3 kV loadbreak elbows designed to the requirements of IEEE Standard 386, Fig. 7. The bracket permits mounting on a parking stand.

Order 9U07BCF100

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Test Rod

Fits into bushing inserts, multi-taps, or other loadbreak bushings. Can be used with test devices such as a statiscope to provide an indication of an energized or de-energzied condition of a cable.

Order 225TR

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Feed-thru Insert

Designed to provide a three-point loadbreak junction. It is designed for use on apparatus having a 200-amp bushing well interface meeting the requirements of IEEE Standard 386. This device provides the capability to create a tap position in an existing apparatus installation and convert a radial-feed transformer into a loop-feed unit. Its two loadbreak interfaces when mated with appropriate products provide a fully shielded, submersible, separable insulated connector designed for energized operation.

Order 9U04BEB001

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