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Bushing Insert


The Hubbell Loadbreak Bushing Insert represents state-of-the-industry design in an all copper construction. It is designed for installation on transformers or other equipment having a bushing well that meets the requirements of IEEE Standard 386, Fig.3.


  1. EPDM insulation - cured with peroxide process. Provides superior stress-relaxation characteristics, assuring long life under high ambient temperature.
  2. Operating Interface -conforms to IEEE Standard 386, Figure 5. When a suitable elbow is installed, provides proper creep distance and water-tight joint.
  3. Locking groove -conforms to IEEE Standard 386. Mates with elbow locking ring. Blue color for 25kV identification.
  4. Molded shield -conductive, abrasion resistant 1/8 inch thick shield of peroxide cured EPDM. Three molded tabs provide convenient points for external grounding of the shield.
  5. Loadbreak assembly -includes Arc-Mate™ ablative material that produces gas when exposed to the loadbreak/loadmake switching arc.
  6. Pinch-finger contacts -are part of loadbreak assembly which has all copper current path.
  7. Piston assembly - Piston movement assists operator under fault-close conditions.
  8. Well Interface -designed to mate with IEEE Standard 386, Figure 3, bushing-wells.
  9. Vented Seating Indicator -molded into insert. Provides positive seating indication and assists in minimizing no load, partial vacuum flashovers.


Catalog Number Description
225BI Bushing Insert
225LE _ _ TBI Bushing Insert and Elbow with Capacitance Test Point (Long - Bimetal Connector)
225LE _ _ BI Bushing Insert and Elbow without Capacitance Test Point (Long - Bimetal Connector)
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