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Max. continuous voltage: 16.2 kV phase-to-ground
28 kV phase-to-phase
Continuous current: 200 amp rms
0.17-second duration 10,000 amp rms symmetrical
3.00 second duration 3,500 amps rms symmetrical
Basic Impulse Level
(1.2 x 50 microsec. wave)
125 kV crest
60 Hertz (one minute) 45 kV rms
Dc (15 minutes) 84 kV
Corona extinction voltage
(3 picocoulombs)
21.5 kV rms
1-phase and 3-phase circuits 15.2 kV phase-to-ground, 26.3 kV maximum across the open contacts. 10 loadmake/loadbreak operations at 200 amps with 90% parallel and 10% series resistance - reactance load at 0.8 power factor.
One fault-close operation at 15.2 kV phase-to-ground, or
26.3 kV phase-to-phase; 10,000 amps rms symmetrical,
10 cycles, (0.17 seconds).
100% factory test for partial discharge and either AC HIDOT (45kV for 60 seconds) or impulse (BIL) 125kV, 1.2 x 50 microsecond wave.


Hubbell 25/28 kV Class underground connectors provide utilities with products having high reliability and low maintenance.

Full compliance with IEEE std. 386 Fig. 7.

Hubbell separable connector bushing inserts and elbows are designed for use with single-conductor, concentric neutral power cable having extruded insulation shielding. With shield adapter products, the elbow can be used with cables having a metallic tape shield, wire shield, or lead sheath with tape or extruded insulation shielding.

All insulating and conducting rubber components are made of a special formulation of an EPDM elastomer using a peroxide curing process. The material and curing process provides superior elastomeric stress relaxation characteristics under high ambient temperatures and contributes to reliable, long-time operation in either above-ground or subsurface installations.

Elbow connector/bushing insert combinations are suitable for energized loadmake/loadbreak operations by a qualified lineman using an 8-shotgun-type (Chance) hot stick.

All elbow/bushing insert combinations are designed for use with subsurface (submersible to 6 feet of water) or pad-mounted installations.

Where To Use

Hubbell 25/28 kV loadbreak products are designed for operation on and connection to 25/28 kV class, 125 kV BIL systems where the voltage ratings listed on this page are not exceeded.

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