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The Hubbell 25/28kV Loadbreak Elbow Connector has been tested in accordance with the requirements of IEEE Standard 386, "Separable Insulated Connector Systems for Power Distribution Systems above 600 Volts." In accordance with provisions of the Standard, outlined in Paragraph 6.4,interchangeability testing has established complete interchangeability, as defined by Paragraph 6.4.1 of the Standard, with 25kV Loadbreak products presently manufactured by Elastimold® and limited interchangeability as defined by Paragraph 6.4.2 of the Standard with all other manufacturers. Test reports are available upon request.

The elbow, when mated a with loadbreak product meeting the requirements of IEEE Standard 386, is suitable for energized loadmake/loadbreak operations by a qualified lineman using a shotgun-type (Chance) hot stick.


  1. Molded External Shield - 1/8-inch thick, peroxide-cured EPDM conductive jacket is abrasive resistant and is an integral component of the deadfront design.
  2. EPDM Insulation - peroxide-cured provides superior stress-relaxation characteristics and assures long life under high ambient temperatures. Compatible with all solid dialectric cable insulations and shields.
  3. Molded Conductive Insert - controls electrical stress and shields the compression connector.
  4. Operating Eye - permits energized loadmake / loadbreak operations with suitable hot-stick tool. Designed and tested to withstand 500-pound static pull and 10 ft-lb torsion forces.
  5. Compression Lug - meets all requirements of ANSI C119.4 for Class A connectors.
  6. Test Point - optional capacitive test point allows for the installation of faulted circuit indicators and will indicate the presence of voltage when iterrogated with a high impedance device.
  7. Cable Entrance -the semi-conductive rubber continues the cable's insulation shield and helps control internal stress. The interference fit along the cable insulation surface provides proper creep distance and dialectric strength.
  8. Grounding Tabs - provides a means to connect a drain wire to ensure deadfront construction.
  9. White-Black-White ID Band - identifies elbow as having a 3Ø rating for switching and fault close.
  10. Operating Interface - designed to mate with any component manufactured to the requirements of IEEE Std. 386.
  11. Locking Ring - secures the elbow to mating product. Initial pull-off force required to unseat from mating groove in bushing insert produces fast break necessary for loadbreak switching.
  12. Loadbreak Probe - tin-plated copper body with Arc-Mate™ ablative material follower tip. Provides current path and reliable loadbreak / loadmake switching operations.


Step 1: Determine the cable's insulation diameter either by measuring it (Do not measure over the insulation shield) or from the cable manufacturer's catalog. Select an elbow size from table "w" so that the insulation falls within the elbow's range.

Step 2: Select a connector code from table "x" that identifies the conductor size and stranding. Standard compression lug is a long, bi-metal connector.

Step 3: If the elbow is to be supplied with a capacitance test point ad a "T" to the end of the part number.

Table W
Insulation Min/Max
Elbow Size Inches mm
4 0.800" - 1.140" 20,3 - 29,0
5 0.920" - 1.310" 23,4 - 33,3
Table X
(AL or CU Conductor)
Connector Code Stranded or Compressed Compact or Solid
1 #6 #4
2 #3 - #4 #2 or #3
3 #2 #1
4 #1 1/0
5 1/0 2/0
6 2/0 3/0
7 3/0 4/0
8 4/0 250

Example, the part number for a 28kV loadbreak elbow with test point for 1/0 stranded, 260mil insulation with an OD over insulation of 0.955" would be: 228LE45T.

To specify this same elbow kit but with a ProbeLok® connector, add a "P" after the connector code, i.e. 228LE45PT.

To order a loadbreak elbow with an integral seal add a "J" after the "LE" in the part number. For an example: 228LEJ45T.

To order an elbow kit without a compression connector use part number: 228LE40T.

If the kit is to be supplied with a separate, cold-shrink seal kit for use on concentric neutral cables, add a "J" to the end of the part number. For example: 228LE45TJ.

If a cold-shrink, shield adapter is to be included in the kit, add an "S" to the end of the part number: 228LE45TS.

To order a replacement probe, use part number 225LBP.

To order a replacement compression connector, use part number 200LUGBx.

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