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Feed-Thru Selection & Ordering

Feed-thru Horizontal
Catalog Number 228FT

Junction Selection & Ordering

Junction With Bracket With U-straps
2-Position 228J2B 228J2U
3-Position 228J3B 228J3U
4-Position 228J4B 228J4U


Hubbell Junctions are used to sectionalize cables or as feed-thrus for making lateral taps.

They are available in two, three and four tap units and, when connected with loadbreak elbows, have ratings as shown on the 28 kV Loadbreak Product Ratings & Specifications sheet.

Each tap works independently of the others contained on the same unit. Adjacent taps are 4 inches center to center.

Junctions with the corrosion-resistant stainless steel mounting bracket allow back plate mounting angles of 30, 45, or 60 degrees. This bracket can also be adjusted for horizontal mounting to a flat surface. Junctions can also be ordered with only U-straps for surface mounting.

Feed-thrus are equipped with a bracket for mounting on the apparatus stand-off brackets. They can be mounted by use of a hot stick, and provide a means to test, ground, park the elbow connector, by-pass a transformer, or add an arrester.


Catalog Number Description
228J2BRKT Junction Bracket, Stainless Steel w/Adjustable Feet, 2 Position
228J3BRKT Junction Bracket, Stainless Steel w/Adjustable Feet, 3 Position
228J4BRKT Junction Bracket, Stainless Steel w/Adjustable Feet, 4 Position
200BRKTMF Junction Adjustable Mounting Feet Only, Stainless Steel (1 Pair)
228US1 Junction U-strap, Stainless Steel w/ hardware

Bracket & U-strap Dimensions

Dimension Junction Part Number
228J2B 228J3B 228J4B
X1 23.45 23.45 27.45
X2 6.86 10.86 14.86
B1 6.55 to 10.55 6.55 to 10.55 10.55 to 14.55
B2 11.22 to 15.22 11.22 to 15.22 15.22 to 19.22
B3 15.89 to 19.89 15.89 to 19.89 19.89 to 23.89
B4 16.40 to 20.40 16.40 to 20.40 20.40 to 24.40
B5 21.07 to 25.07 21.07 to 25.07 25.07 to 29.07
B6 25.74 to 29.74 25.74 to 29.74 29.74 to 33.74

Bracket Mounting Angles

U-Strap Dimensions

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