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Replacement Parts

Crimp Connectors

For re-use or re-cabling of loadbreak elbows, long Bimetal, ProbeLok®, or All Copper connectors may be ordered as replacement parts.

Conductor Size Copper or Aluminum Model Number
Stranded or Compressed Solid or Compacted Bimetal Long ProbElok® Long All Copper (for CU Conductor only)
6 4 200LUGB1 200LUGP1 200LUGC1
4 2 200LUGB2 200LUGP2 200LUGC2
2 1 200LUGB3 200LUGP3 200LUGC3
1 1/0 200LUGB4 200LUGP4 200LUGC4
1/0 2/0 200LUGB5 200LUGP5 200LUGC5
2/0 3/0 200LUGB6 200LUGP6 200LUGC6
3/0 4/0 200LUGB7 200LUGP7 200LUGC7
4/0 - 200LUGB8 200LUGP8 200LUGC8

Loadbreak Probe

Provides connection between crimp connector (cable) and bushing insert (apparatus).

Order 225LBP

Operating Accessories

Catalog Number Description
625SK52 Cold Shrink Cable Seal kit for cable with an overall diameter of 0.95" to 1.94"
625SK59 Tape Shield Adapter Kit for cable with an overall diameter of 0.59" to 1.05"
625SK60 Tape Shield Adapter Kit for cable with an overall diameter of 0.83" to 1.64"
SL150 Silicone Lubricant for underground separable connectors 5.3 oz. (150 grams)
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