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Damper System Benefits


Fargo 4-R vibration dampers effectively prevent fatigue damage to conductor and static wires caused by wind-induced aeolian vibration.

The 4-R concept improves on the design of the basic Stockbridge damper, significantly increasing the efficiency of converting wind-induced energy into heat. The improved design employs unequal weights on messengers of unequal length. This configuration doubles the number of resonant peaks from two generated by the old-style Stockbridge damper to four in the improved Fargo 4-R. These additional resonant peaks create an envelope of dynamic response that protects the conductor through the entire range of dangerous vibration frequencies.

To assure maximum performance, Fargo utilizes a sophisticated computer simulation whose development has been verified by decades of testing and field measurements. This computer model identifies the optimum damper placement on the span.


Maximum Protection From Wind Induced Conductor Bending Strain

The four-resonant peaks include two separate cantilever response modes and two separate rotational response modes of the weight and messenger cable. These peaks also provide maximum energy dissipation to reduce strain over the entire spectrum of dangerous wind velocities

  • Wide frequency response range optimizes protection of your system
  • Large 19 strand wire and tight strand lay dissipate energy more efficiently
  • Press fit permanent weight attachment technique assures long-term performance
  • Contoured surfaces prevent corona discharge

Comprehensive Application Program For Optimum Performance

Provides precise selection and placement through our proprietary computer simulation

  • Computer program based on a mathematical model verified by decades of laboratory testing and field vibration measurements
  • Precisely identifies the vibration performance characteristics of transmission lines
  • Determines dangerous frequencies for existing or proposed spans
  • Identifies the frequency range requiring damper protection
  • Identifies proper damper placement for required energy dissipation
  • Optimizes placement based on tension and span length
  • Vibration analysis, with damper size and placement recommendation, provided on request. Contact your Hubbell Power Systems sales representative for details.

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