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Electro Composite has over 15 years experience in making demanding custom insulating products meeting the needs of spElectro Compositealized customers. More and more, polymer insulating products are replacing traditional "old" technology, namely porcelain and glass, in electrical insulation applications, where performance and longevity are required.

Typically, we work with OEM manufacturers in the electrical sector, but we also cater to many utilities for replacement parts no longer available from the original manufacturer.

For these customers, Electro Composite makes strategic components that must function in demanding environments, often corrosive, saline, or subject to wide temperature variations or extreme temperatures.

Products made are varied and include:

  • load tap changers
  • vacuum switch encapsulation
  • operating rods
  • actuator arms
  • fibeglass enclosures

We work with customers to define and clarify their needs and then apply the right combination of composite materials, mold technology and processing method to achieve the best component at the right price.

Materials we work with include:

  • thermoset vinylester glass fiber laminates
  • thermoset epoxy glass fiber laminates
  • various proprietary epoxy resin systems

Processes in our plants include:

  • APG (Automatic Pressure Gelation) for epoxy casting
  • contact molding
  • hand layup
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