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600 Series Decorative Grates

Polycast® decorative grates and trench drain systems offer beautiful solutions for your hardscape challenges. Polycast decorative grates provide the form and function you need to manage storm water with options that compliment your design. Sculpted in iron, Polycast decorative grates are as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing. Create a memorable space.

Polycast® decorative grates are tested to meet DIN/EN Class C loading criteria.
All grates listed here are bicycle safe per Australian Standard AS3990-2006 Clause 3.3.6

Patriot - Part No. DG0692

Stars and stripes offering the perfect feel for fire houses, government buildings, and any installation with a patriotic flare.

More information on Patriot - Part No. DG0692

Abbott - Part No. DG0693

This design is inspired by early gothic architecture and resembles crosses overlaid with rose patterns.

More information on Abbott - Part No. DG0693

Spiral - Part No. DG0694

Interlocked square spirals make this unique grate stand out as a border or edging.

More information on Spiral - Part No. DG0694

Cobblestone - Part No. DG0695

A pattern of stones and slots that resembles the cobblestone streets of early cities.

More information on Cobblestone - Part No. DG0695

Other Decorative Options

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Grating

Stainless steel grating can add a refined and industrial look to your space. Stainless grating is perfect for a modern look.

More information on Stainless Steel Grating


Stainless steel rails cap the exposed surface of the polymer concrete channel. This protects the channel and will add very a modern look. Ideal when used with stainless steel grating

More information on Stainless Steel POLYGUARD


Designed for industrial applications, these cast iron frame rails top the exposed edge of the polymer concrete channels creating a finished and
all-iron appearance.

More information on 700 Series HARDNOSE Frames
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