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700 Series Accessories

Frame Options

Polycast 700 Series frames are available for any situation from a catch all iron HARDNOSE frame to chemical resistant HDPE DURAGUARD frames to cast iron frames with steel anchors designed to lock it into the surrounding slab for additional pullout resistence.

Description Part Number

More information on DURAGUARD HDPE Plastic Frame

Description Part Number
HARDNOSE Cast Iron Frame DG0700AA

More information on HARDNOSE Cast Iron Frame

Description Part Number
Cast Iron Frame with Steel Anchors DG0970

More information on Cast Iron Frame with Steel Anchors

Vinyl Ester Channels & Grates

Polycast vinyl ester trench drain provides an ideal solution for chemically aggressive and high temperature enviroments. A full choice of chemical resistant accessories, and grates is also available.

Available Components
500, 600, 700 and 800 Series Channels
Vinyl Ester FRP Grates
Vinyl Ester Channel End Caps
Catch Basins

More information on Viny Ester chemical resistance

Pipe Adapter End Caps

Polycast end caps are used to enclose or provide piping transitions to outlet or inlet ends of the channel whenever catch basins are not being used. End caps output to a 4" pipe. Material is ABS plastic.

Contact the factory for information on polymer concrete end caps.

Description Part Number
Cap for outlet channel DA0670
Cap for inlet channel DA0670M


Installation Chair

The Polycast installation chair is the fastest and most economical way of setting a precast trench drain system. Te chair supports the ends of the channels, aligns and locks the joint rigidly together.

Description Part Number
600 Series Installation Chair DA0633

More information on Installation Chair

Extender Panels

Extender panels add additional depth and capacity to Polycast trench drain channels. This adds additional flexibility in meeting requirements of extended run length and/or higher flow capacities. Add 7-13/16" to the system depth. Panels are 48" Long.

Description Part Number
Extender Panels (pair) DP0660

More information on Extender Panels

Debris Strainers

Outlet strainers are ideals for outdoor environments where debris can clog outlets. For use with 4" pipe and end cap outlets. Aluminum construction resists corrosion.

Description Part Number
4" Debris Strainer DA0662


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