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Industrial Applications


When high performance draingage solutions are required in a harsh industrial enviroment, turn to Polycast® trench drains to provide industry leading support. Out drain systems are independantly tested to meet internaltional standards for loading, chemical resistance and UV exposure.


  • Factories
  • Chemical Plants
  • Food Processing
  • Forklift Areas
  • Loading Docks
  • Refineries
  • Fracking Plants
  • Pumping Stations

Specialty Products

  • DURAGUARD® Frames
  • Vinyl Ester Resin


500 Series

500 Series

A neutral system designed for slab areas where vertical depth is limited. 500 series is available with a wide variety of grates and wearing edge options.

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600 Series

600 Series

Our most versatile trench drain; this 4.25” internal width system is available with both pre-sloped and neutral channels. It is designed for both internal and external use in every situation from decorative commercial use to industrial applications.

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600 Series


Based around 600 Series channels, this system is designed for heavy industrial applications. It is available with cast iron or HDPE wearing edges and both polyester and vinyl ester resin to meet any need from heavy forklift traffic to use in highly corrosive chemical plants.

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600 Series

800 Series MAXI Drain

An 8” internal width neutral system designed for industrial applications. System features 48” long channels and is available in vinyl ester for highly corrosive environments.

More information on 800 Series MAXI Drain

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