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CDR manufactures a wide variety of polymer concrete and fiber-reinforced polyester products. as well as aluminum enclosures. Products are lightweight, 1/3 to 1/10 the weight of concrete and three to four times stronger. CDR brands include Electrimold™, Custom Composites™, Western Power Products™, Windbreaker®, Hot Box® and Comcore®.

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QUAZITE® (Hubbell Lenoir City, Inc.) manufacturers a broad range of products that utilities, telecommunications, transportation, C&I, water and CATV customers depend on to provide safe, durable and cost effective housing for the equipment on their systems.

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Hot Box® enclosures are designed for backflow prevention assemblies installed outdoors, above ground, to allow code-compliant valve installations. From aluminum to fiberglass; from one-piece lift off to 24 piece, 2,000 square foot modular; from simple squares to artificial rock or tree stump designs, Hot Box® is the industry leader in valve enclosure design and construction. Our wide variety of enclosures meet most standards and installation needs. From warm climate uninsulated Valve Guard® enclosures to cold climate insulated, heated Hot Box® enclosures, we have the enclosures you need.

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