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ASSE Standard #1060

ASSE STANDARD # 1060 (Issued: March 13, 2006)

Performance Requirements for Outdoor Enclosures for Backflow Prevention Assemblies

Section 3.1.1: Enclosures shall contain a heat source capable of maintaining 4°C (40°F) inside the enclosure when subjected to 34°C (-30°F) outside air temperature.

Section 3.2.1: Enclosures shall be designed to support a minimum vertical load of 100 lb./sf.

Section 3.3.1: Depth of water within the enclosure shall not exceed 6 inches during full flow of the backflow preventer relief discharge.

Section 3.5.2: Enclosure shall be designed to be accessed and provide sufficient room for testing and maintenance... drawings shall be submitted by the manufacturer.

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General Information

No product may be said to be ASSE approved unless the manufacturer has applied to the ASSE, has had his product tested by an official ASSE recognized independent laboratory, according to the applicable ASSE Standard, and when the product has passed the test, displays the ASSE Seal on the product.

This standard focuses on devices that provide a range of protection to backflow preventers which are mounted outside and above ground so they may avoid freezing, vandalism and tampering.

It is recommended that enclosures be installed consistent with local codes by qualified and trained professionals.

This standard was promulgated in accordance with procedures developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

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