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Trench Covers

Polymer Concrete Trench Covers

Part No. Old Catalog No. Style L W T L1 x W1
C07205202A PC00-2052-02 3 20 52 1-1/2 11 x 45-1/2
C07215302A PC00-2153-02 2 52-3/2 20-3/4 1-1/2 46-1/4 x 14-1/4
C07222802A PC00-2228-02 1 28 22 2 -
C07234102A PC00-2341-02 2 41-1/4 22-3/4 1-1/2 34-3/4 x 16-1/4
C07263802A PC00-2638-02 2 38-1/2 26-1/2 1-1/2 35 x 23
C07274002A PC00-2740-02 2 39-3/4 26-3/4 1-1/2 33-1/4 x 20-1/4
C07294102A PC00-2941-02 2 40-3/4 29-1/4 1-1/2 34-1/4 x 24-3/4
C07303202A PC00-3032-02 3 30 32 1-1/2 21 x 25-1/2

Lightweight Fiberglass Composite Trench Covers

Comcore Trench Covers are ideal for sub-stations, waste-water treatment plants, and chemical facilities.

Comcore Trench Covers are lightweight. They weigh about 6 lbs. per square foot. Yet they will easily and safely carry maintenance vehicles, cranes, cherry-pickers or other heavy vehicles that enter the yard. Comcore trench covers don't crack or crumble, have an extremely long service life and don't require any maintenance.

Comcore Trench Covers are non-metallic, non-conductive and non-sparking. They are excellent insulators against heat, and work well covering trenches that contain cable, wire or fluid. They are unaffected by underground gasses and most chemicals, particularly those involved with sewage.

Comcore Trench Covers can be used to cover trench openings ranging from 12" to 40" wide. Even the largest covers can be easily removed and replaced by 1 person. For lifting, the Comcore Trench Covers have 2-recessed, stainless steel drop handles. Comcore Trench Covers have a diamond pattern skid-resistant surface. Standard color is gray. Other colors are available upon request.

Comcore Trench Covers are available for trenches that are poured-in place or with selected pre-cast trenches. Different load ratings are available to meet various non-deliberate traffic areas. The cover thickness can be varied, but the 15K ratings and above generally require a cover that is 2" thickness. Comcore Trench Covers are made for straight runs, junctions, angles, bends, affsets and terminations. Contact customer service with the details for your project and detailed shop drawings can be provided.


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