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Indoor Apparatus Insulators

Product Specification

  • For indoor use, up to 38 kV
    Station Post Class Insulators
  • Insulators for switches, switchgears,
    bus ducts and various electrical apparatuses
  • Design based on ANSI C29.10 and IEC standards
  • Direct replacement of porcelain
  • Non tracking material
  • Made from proprietary cycloaliphatic epoxy compounds
    with high mechanical and electrical properties
  • Standard steel zinc plated inserts
    (Copper and brass inserts available upon request)
  • Custom design available for SF6 operation
  • Grey color


Product Specifications
Rated Impulse (BIL) 60 to 200 kV
Rated Voltage up to 38 kV
Cantilever Load up to 5 000 lbs
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