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Components and Materials

Polymer Weathersheds - The polymer weathershed material utilized in the Quadri*Sil® insulator design is a proprietary silicone-rubber compound specifically designed by Ohio Brass engineers for high-voltage insulator applications. The polymer weathershed material starts with 100-percent base silicone rubber before additives and fillers are compounded with the base rubber. Hubbell Power Systems (HPS) controls the entire process from the proprietary formulation to the complete mixing process. The proprietary formulation incorporates the inherent hydrophobicity and UV performance of silicone rubber while providing superior tracking performance as demonstrated in dry-band arcing tests. For more information about our silicone rubber, please contact your HPS representative.

Fiberglass Core Rod - The Quadri*Sil suspension insulator's fiberglass core rod is produced with boron-free, corrosion-resistant E-glass and epoxy resin. Quadri*Sil line post insulators are manufactured with electrical grade glass and epoxy resin.

Quadri*Sil - End Fittings

End Fittings - Made of steel or ductile iron, the end-fittings are directly attached to the fiberglass core rod by a circumferential crimping process. This crimping process allows the end fittings to utilize the rod's inherent tensile strength.

Grading Rings - Also known as corona rings, grading rings are manufactured using high-grade aluminum alloy, making them strong, light, and corrosion-resistant. Grading (corona) rings can be packaged separately or inside the insulator crates with all mounting hardware included.

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