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The Heart of Quadri*Sil® Insulators

Quadri*Sil - Exclusive Four-Point Seal

At the heart of Quadri*Sil Insulators is a four-point sealing system designed to prevent moisture penetration between the silicone rubber and end-fitting interface. Four redundant seals provide unparalleled protection to the fiberglass core rod.


Sealing System - This four-point sealing system provides superior performance by preventing moisture penetration between the silicone rubber and end-fitting interface. The design is based on four redundant seals that provide unmatched protection to the fiberglass core rod. RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanate) is completely encapsulated within the interior of the end-fitting and is not utilized as an exterior seal as with other silicone designs.


Corona Shielding Ring (CSR) - The Quadri*Sil end-fitting design provides superior electric field shielding of the silicone rubber adjacent to the end-fitting. The superior shielding protects the silicone rubber on applications where an external corona ring is not required.

Direct Bond - The silicone rubber material is bonded directly to the fiberglass core rod during the molding process. The resulting bond between the silicone rubber and fiberglass rod is mechanically stronger than the tear strength of the silicone rubber.

Crimp Method - A circumferential crimp creates a more uniform stress distribution to ensure the mechanical integrity of the Quadri*Sil insulator. Ohio Brass pioneered the crimping process in 1976 - today it has become the industry standard.

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