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Tool Belts


Proper sizing is one of the most important considerations in the purchase of a lineman's tool belt. An improperly sized belt is uncomfortable and may cause an accident or injury.

Bashlin tools belts are measured by the "D" size, which is the distance between the heels of the D-rings.

All linemen's tool belts must be ordered according to the "D" size.

To Find Your "D" Size

  1. 1. Locate the point where the heel of the "D" ring should rest. As the photo illustrates, this is approximately 4" down from the top of the hip bone.
  2. 2. Begin to measure from this point. Measure around the buttocks to the same point on the opposite side.

When a properly sized tool belt is worn,the D-rings will point nearly straight ahead and the tongue adjustment will be in the center holes as shown inn Photo 3.

To properly size the Padded Rest-A-Back tool belts, add 2" to your standard "D" measurement.


D Size, inches Minimum, inches Center Hole Maximum, inches Tool Loops
D18 32 36 40 3
D19 33 37 41 3
D20 34 38 42 3
D21 36 40 44 4
D22 37 41 45 4
D23 38 42 46 4
D24 40 44 48 4
D25 41 45 49 4
D26 42 46 50 4
D27 44 48 52 4
D28 45 49 53 4

All Lineman's tool belts must be ordered according to "D" size.

Example: PSC60FHD21

See "how-to" and table above for more information.

The Bashlin Deluxe

The Bashlin Deluxe is a field-tested, proven design It is one of the original semi-floating, shifting "D" belts. The shifting "D"s reduce chafing and bumps on the hips. The 5" cushion pad is soft and breaks in easily. The harness leather tool loops and tongue and buckle section are designed for rugged wear.

No. PSC60FHDXX Ship Wt: 6.25 lb (2.83 kg)

The Floridian

Superior design and performance make this belt the industry standard. It combines a padded, contour cushion section with flares for the shifting D-rings and a 51/2" back. This belt gives excellent support and climbing comfort. It is a practical belt with wearable quality which makes it economical.

No. PS88DXX Ship Wt: 6.50 lb (2.95 kg)

Order linemen's belts by "D" size only. See preceding page for how to determine sizes.

The Wrangler

A 5" cushion section, a nylon back, and a 6 ply tongue and buckle section are features of this practical favorite. It is lightweight, with standard comfort features, including Bashlin's S-shaped D-rings and an all leather cushion.

No. PS1511NDXX Ship Wt: 5.25 lb (2.38 kg)

The Nylon Deluxe

A familiar design in a shifting "D" nylon belt. The neoprene impregnated nylon back is light, durable and flexible in extreme temperature ranges. The 5" leather cushion section is comfortable. The tongue and buckle is 6 ply nylon and the tool loops are leather.

No. PS160NDXX Ship Wt: 6.00 lb (2.72 kg)


Bashlin's Back Support Tools Belts help relieve strain and fatigue. Use the chart to determine the proper size.

To properly size the Padded Rest-A-Back tool belts, add 2" to your standard “D” measurement. See Page 2555.

No. PS88BDXX Ship Wt: 8.50 lb (3.83 kg)

Belt Size Upper Tongue Adjustment Belt Size Upper Tongue Adjustment
D18 29-36" D24 35-42"
D19 30-37" D25 36-43"
D20 31-38" D26 37-44"
D21 32-39" D27 38-45"
D22 33-40" D28 39-46"
D23 34-41" D29 40-47"
    D30 41-48"
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