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Conductive Boots

The 8-inch leather conductive boot offers the lineman both comfort and protection. The boots conform to ASTM F2413 standards for impact and compression on safety toe cap as well as being puncture resistant. This boot has a black conductive sole connected to a metallic conductive strap leading up to a conductive snap fitting at the top of the boot. Also provided is a conductive strap to connect the boot snap fitting to a conductive suit or the leg strap.

  • Boot upper is made of top quality, high-resistance waterrepellent leather.
  • Meets specifications for ASTM Class 75 steel toe footwear (impact at 75 ft-lb and compression at 2500 ft-lb) and has a flexible full stainless-steel protective sole.
  • The heel counter is moulded into the sole to prevent its pulling away.
  • Sole is vulcanized under pressure directly to upper, making it more flexible.
  • Double-tempered steel shank is built-in for proper arch support.
  • Manufactured to a specification of less than 10,000 ohms from the top of the leg strap to the heel of the boot.
  • 100% inspection and testing is conducted on each boot as part of the manufacturing process.
Catalog No.* Size (EEE widths)
C4170623 6
C4170624 7
C4170122 8
C4170123 9
C4170124 10
C4170125 11
C4170126 12
C4170625 13
C4170626 14
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