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Climber Pads, Straps

105 Series Pads

This is the original "spur-stay" climber pad. It is designed to reduce kick-back and twisting of the shank. The insert holds the climber for comfort and better gaff penetration. It is an excellent choice for the lineman who climbs occasionally. Available with a straight or angled metal section.

Straight Use on Angled Use on Ship Wt:
PS105A PSBD16 PSC105AC PSCBD16 1.5 lb (0.68 kg)
PS105B PSBD14 PSC105BC PSCBD14 1.5 lb (0.68 kg)

PSC130D Pad

The PSC130D is an L-shaped design with light padding for added comfort.

Number Ship Wt:
PSC130D (Padded) 0.7 lb (0.32 kg)

Climber Straps

Bashlin nylon climber straps are durable, pliable, and comfortable. They are double riveted and feature a protective buckle shield.

Number Description Ship Wt:
PSC85N Top straps - 1-1/16" x 24" 0.6 lb
(0.27 kg)
PS86N One piece lower straps -
1-1/16" x 28"
0.6 lb
(0.27 kg)
PS87N Two piece lower straps -
1-1/16" x 28" (original style, to be used on the triangularing of Bashlin climbers. Must be assembled.)
0.7 lb
(0.27 kg)
PSC89N Two piece lower straps with split ring - 1-1/16" x 28" 0.7 lb
(0.27 kg)
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