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Dual Auxiliary Arm

Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711
The Dual Auxiliary Arm is designed for use where a changeout of poles, crossarms or insulators is necessary; the standard Chance Epoxiglas® tools are lightweight and easily rigged. On regular construction, or alley arm construction, this tool can be used as a side arm. Movable wireholders can be spaced for minimum conductor travel from the crossarm to the temporary arm, yet the arm is long enough for use as a lifting arm with the use of three standard Chance Wiretongs.

When the Dual Auxiliary Arm is used on voltages above 15 kV, additional wireholder insulation must be used; and when the arm is to support energized conductors, during rain, or for a period of time when unforeseen rain could be possible, it is recommended that insulators be added to the wireholders for added protection against tracking on the arm. It is also recommended that when the arm is to be left up overnight or during a period of possible rain, the arm should be wiped down with a silicone-treated cloth.

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4000075 Dual Auxiliary Arm, 10 ft., with Wheel Binder & 1" Fork Wireholder 33 lb./ 14.9 kg.

34 kV applications

To upgrade the dual auxiliary arm for 34 kV applications add three M48057 insulators to the fork type wireholders or replace the lower voltage wireholders with three M480515 wireholders.

All of the auxiliary arm wireholders are the self-latching type. As the conductor is lowered into the wireholder, it trips a safety latch locking the conductor into the wireholder. The latch must be swiveled with an insulated hand tool to release the conductor.

Application diagrams

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