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Wire-Tong Saddles

The Chance Tower Type Wire Tong Saddle is used to support wire tongs or boom poles on towers. The saddle is securely fastened to the angleiron tower leg by four hooks tightened by wing nuts. A clevis which bolts through the pivot lug permits rope blocks to be fastened so that they will pivot with the wire tong or boom pole. Saddle shown does not include pole clamps, shown on page 2206. Fits angles 3" x 3" to 7" x 7".

Maximum working load is 500 pounds.

Catalog No. Description Weight
M4742 Tower Saddle Less Clamp with regular hooks 11.25 lb./5.1 kg.
T4001413 Tower Saddle with small and large hooks 13.25 lb./6 kg.
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