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Wire-Tong Saddles

Strong Aluminum Alloys
Chance Pole Type Wire Tong Saddles are made of lightweight aluminum for handling ease. These rugged heat-treated saddles will support a maximum of 1000 pounds (450kg) without the extension.

The clamp is set far enough away from the base to give ample clearance for most jobs. Where additional clearance is required, the Chance Wire Tong Saddle Extension can be easily bolted to the saddle. This heat-treated aluminum-alloy extension is 4 inches (100mm) long and has a tested working load rating of 800 pounds (360kg).

Easily Applied
The Wheel Type fasteners are easy to apply, hold the saddle firmly in place, and prevent riding down and excessive play.

The Wheel Tightener has the advantage of being able to fit into close places such as between crossarm braces, under guy wires, etc.

Catalog No. Description Approx. Weight
M47403W Saddle and Tightener and 1 1/2" (37.5mm) clamp 10 lb. 1 oz./4.56 kg.
M47404W Saddle and Tightener and 2" (50mm) clamp 10 lb. 5 oz./4.68 kg.
M47405W Saddle and Tightener and 2 1/2" (62.5mm) clamp 10 lb. 9 oz./4.80 kg.
M47409W Saddle and Tightener and 3" (75mm) clamp 10 lb. 12 oz./4.90 kg.
M474010W Saddle and Tightener less clamp 8 lb. /3.60 kg.
M474015W Saddle Wheel Tightener and Clevis 6 lb. 11 oz./3.03 kg.
M474016W Saddle, Tightener, 1 1/2" (37.5mm) clamp & extension 11 lb. 1 oz./5.01 kg.
M474017W Saddle, Tightener, 2" (50mm) clamp & extension 11 lb. 5 oz./5.13 kg.
M474018W Saddle, Tightener, 2 1/2" (62.5mm) clamp & extension 11 lb. 9 oz./5.24 kg.
M474019W Saddle, Tightener, 3" (75mm) clamp & extension 11 lb. 12 oz./5.33 kg.
M474020W Saddle, Tightener, extension less clamp 9 lb. /4.08 kg.
C4000073 Wire Tong Saddle Extension 1 lb. /0.45 kg.
M47411 1 1/2" (37.5mm) pole clamp only 2 lb. 1 oz./0.93 kg.
M47412 2" (50mm) pole clamp only 2 lb. 5 oz./1.04 kg.
M47413 2 1/2" (62.5mm) pole clamp only 2 lb. 9 oz./1.20 kg.
M47415 3" (75mm) pole clamp only 2 lb. 12 oz./1.25 kg.
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