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Deadend Covers (25kV)

• Tested to ASTM F712.

This cover is made of orange linear polyethylene and is designed to fit over a maximum of two 10-inch diameter deadend insulators. The end of the cover will mate with Chance 25kV conductor covers or rubber line hose to extend the protected area. The cover measures 34 inches in length, 11 inches wide and 12-1/2 inches from the conductor to the bottom of the unit.

The split unit fits easily over the conductor and insulators, yet it can be tightly clamped together using the large hot stick clamp pin, which is similar to those used in securing rubber blankets. A Grip-All adapter (included) allows the unit to be installed with a clampstick, or it can be placed into position with rubber gloves and sleeves when work practices permit.

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4060164 Deadend Cover 5 lb./2.3 kg.
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