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Extended-Lip Flexible Line Hose

Hose - Style C - Plain, Both ends -
1-1/2" I.D.

Catalog No. Length Weight
C4060341 3 feet 4-1/2 lb./2 kg.
C4060342 41/2 feet 6-3/4 lb./3 kg.
C4060343 6 feet 9 lb./4 kg.


Catalog No. Length Weight
C4060340 10 1/2 inches 1-1/2 lb./0.7 kg.

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Low weight, high performance

As much as 25 percent lighter in weight than other Class 4 flexible cover-up, Chance Line Hose helps protect workers from accidental contact with conductors.

In accordance with ASTM D 1050-90, Chance ozone/coronaresistant thermoplastic elastomer offers excellent performance properties. To retain high-visibility orange color, the special formulation exhibits superior resistance to long-term aging/checking. It does not absorb water.

The dielectric cover-up system consists of a separate coupler and three popular hose lengths. This permits hoses to join to cover straight runs or to flex to fit contours at bends and angles. Shorter sections may be cut on site from standard lengths to custom-fit taps, jumpers and like wires.

Easy to handle and place

Rubber gloves or hot-line tools may be used to apply Chance Class 4 Line Hose.

In addition to lightweight, the balanced material composition in Chance line hose also gives it pliability. This makes it easy to put on, couple, relocate and remove, unencumbered even when wearing leather protectors over rubber gloves.

The outer lip peels back with ease to open and start onto a conductor from either end. With a push at the other end, the full length slides on as the lips zip closed around the conductor.

So the hose can readily insert into the coupler, Chance bevelcuts the serrations on the side ribs. The vertical serrations resist withdrawal from the coupler.

Two or more coupled sections stay joined when drawn along on the conductor and positioned as a unit. The rubber-like material slides readily by hand yet resists creep or slippage when placed. To remove each piece, open one end and strip the remainder off the conductor.

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