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Insulator, Hardware & Crossarm Covers

Pole Top Cover - 36.6 kV Ø-Ø

Made of high-impact orange ABS plastic, this cover is used to help prevent tie wires from making contact with the pole when tying or untying ridge construction. The cover will fit a pole top of up to 10 inches diameter with either singleor double-ridge pin construction. The maximum bolt length is 16 inches.

The cover rests on top of the pole, covering 10-1/2 inches of the pole top and 4-1/2 inches of the ridge pin. By using the elastic cord furnished with the cover, the cover-up can be butted against the insulator to cover the ridge pin and pole top.

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4060097 Pole Top Cover 2-1/2 lb./1.1 kg.

Crossarm End Cover - 36.6 kV Ø-Ø

This cover is used to cover the end of the crossarm to help prevent tie wires from contacting the crossarm during tying and untying. This cover also helps prevent the lineman, who is rubber gloving, from contacting a ground potential while in contact with the conductor. The cover fits over the end of a crossarm up to 5 x 6 inches with either pin- or post-type insulator. Made of ABS orange plastic, slots may be cut in each side to provide passage for double-arming bolts.

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4060102 Crossarm End Cover 2-1/2 lb./1.1 kg.

Post Insulator Covers - 46 kV Ø-Ø & 25 kV Ø-Ø

Made of high-impact ABS plastic, split on each side forms a passage for the conductor. The bottom portion of the T-shape covers the insulator skirts; horizontal portion covers the conductor and hardware. The horizontal portion is flared at each end to interlock with Chance 36.6 or 46kV spiral conductor covers (see page 2407). The larger cover may be used on vertical and horizontal 46kV tie top and clamp top post insulators and Epoxirod® standoffs, pole tops and bi-unit assemblies.

Not for rubber glove installation above 34.5 kV.

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4060091 46kV Post Insulator Cover 3-1/2 lb./1.6 kg.
C4060092 25kV Post Insulator Cover 3 lb./1.4 kg.
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