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Pole Covers (36.6kV)

• Tested to ASTM F712
• Meet Class 4 requirements

These pole covers are used to help protect personnel when raising or lowering a pole between energized lines or to cover poles when rubber glove maintenance is performed in relatively confined areas. The covers are made of high-dielectric linear polyethylene material that will not flash flame. This material will have some softening without deformation at approximately 170°F, and it will resist brittleness at temperatures to -50°F. All Chance pole covers are ribbed to reduce cover contact with the pole, thus minimizing creosote contamination.

A nylon button on 4- and 6-foot lengths allows the pole covers to be joined together in tandem, where longer lengths require covering. The rope handles permit personnel to easily spread the covers and snap them around the pole; rubber gloves must be worn during this procedure.

Prolonged contact with an energized conductor must not be allowed. Button-Nut Kit, T4060214.

Catalog No. Overall Length Weight
6" Diameter Pole Covers
C4060550 48" overall length 6 1/2 lb. / 3 kg.
C4060551 72" overall length 9 1/2 lb. / 41/2 kg.
9" Diameter Pole Covers
M49371 12" long 2 1/2 lb./1.1 kg.
M49372 24" long 4 lb./1.8 kg.
M49374 48" long 9 lb./4.1 kg.
M49376 72" long 13 lb./5.9 kg.
12" Diameter Pole Covers
C4060029 24" long 5 1/2 lb./2.5 kg.
C4060030 48" long 11 lb./5.0 kg.
C4060000 72" long 16 lb./7.2 kg.
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