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Spiral Conductor Covers

15/36.6 kV and 46 kV Phase-to-Phase
• Tested to ASTM F712.

A 4- or 6-foot long retractable Epoxiglas® handle provides for ease of installation from a bucket or platform, in single units or linked together. The bright-orange conductor cover is easy to install. It provides extra protection with a wide air space between two thicknesses of solid insulation. The cover is made of tough, durable ABS plastic. Overall length of each cover is 53 inches. All units can interlock with each other to make up a chain of guards. 15/36.6 kV units are formed on the ends to fit over most 15kV insulators, thus eliminating the need for an insulator cover. Each double-crossarm unit will fit over two 15kV pin-type insulators.

Catalog No. Type of Fitting Weight
46 kV Ø-to-Ø Units
C4060082 4' Epoxiglas handle 10 1/2 lb./4.7 kg.
C40600826 6' Epoxiglas handle 11 1/2 lb./5.2 kg.
C4060082GA Grip-All Adapter 9 1/2 lb./4.3 kg.
15/36.6 kV Ø-to-Ø Units for Single Crossarm
C4060083 4' Epoxiglas handle 9 1/2 lb./4.1 kg.
C40600836 6' Epoxiglas handle 10 1/2 lb./4.5 kg.
C4060083GA Grip-All Adapter 8 1/2 lb./3.6 kg.
15/36.6 kV Ø-to-Ø Units for Double Crossarm
C4060084 4' Epoxiglas handle 9 lb./4.1 kg.
C40600846 6' Epoxiglas handle 10 lb./4.5 kg.
C4060084GA Grip-All Adapter 8 lb./3.6 kg.
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