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Ratchet Cable Cutters (Pole)

for ACSR or Aluminum & Copper

Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711

Easier Operation
High-performance design incorporates Delrin plastic rollers and a two-piece operating rod. Roller mechanism travels smoothly along main Epoxiglas® pole. Linked through the roller support unit, the hinged operating rod and larger Epoxiglas pole reinforce each other.

These Ratchet Cable Cutters meet OSHA Electrical Rating subpart V-section 1926.951 (d).

Insulated support pole is Chance orange 1-1/2"-diameter Epoxiglas with Plastisol butt cap, operating shaft is 3/8"-diameter solid fiberglass rod, and lever handle is 1"-diameter Epoxiglas with rubber cushion grip.

Four standard models offer practical 6-foot or 8-foot lengths fitted with choice of cutter heads for soft wire or ACSR. Shear-type steel blades cut without deforming cable. Heads are interchangeable for field changeouts.

Soft-Wire Head cuts cable of Aluminum through 1000 kcmil bare (1.152") or jacketed URD (2.125") and Copper through 500 kcmil (0.813").

Head for ACSR cuts 54/7 multiple-strand ACSR cable through 556 kcmil (1").

Spare cutter heads may be ordered separately below.

For more details on SAFETYSHIELD™ Hot Stick Barrier to fit tools above, see page 2130.

Ratchet Cable Cutters
Catalog Number Description Weight
Length Head
C4031381 6 ft. 1000 kcmil A.A. 500 kcmil Cu. 11 lb. / 4.95 kg.
C4031382 6 ft. 556 kcmil ACSR 11 lb. / 4.95 kg.
C4031383 8 ft. 1000 kcmil A.A. 500 kcmil Cu. 11-1/2 lb. / 5.18 kg.
C4031384 8 ft. 556 kcmil ACSR 11-1/2 lb. / 5.18 kg.
Cutter Heads Only
Catalog Number Head Description Weight
P4031387P 1000 kcmil A.A. 500 kcmil Cu. 2-1/4 lb. / 1 kg.
P4031388P 556 kcmil ACSR 2-1/4 lb. / 1 kg.
Ordering Information SAFETYSHIELD™ Hot Stick Barrier for Ratchet Wire Cutters†
Catalog Number Diameter Weight
PSC4170630 16" (406.4 mm) 1 lb. 6 oz./0.62 kg.
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