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Conductor Cutters

with Insulated Handles for ACSR or Aluminum & Copper

Three standard models offer choice of insulated long or short handles on cutters for soft wire and insulated long handles on cutters for ACSR. Chance orange 1-1/2" dia. Epoxiglas® handles have black rubber cushion grips.

Shear-type blades cut without deforming cable. These heat-treated tool-steel cutter heads are the same as those for Chance Ratchet Cable Cutters and may be interchanged in the field. Order replacement or spare cutter heads as separate items, below. Note: ACSR head is not for use with 15-1/2" handles. Soft-wire head must not be used to cut ACSR as it will damage the cutting edges.

Storage bagsto fit the short or long cutters come in heavy-duty yellow vinyl-impregnated nylon cloth. Order as separate items, below.

NOTE: These cutters are designed for energized applications, but users must wear rubber gloves and observe all applicable working clearances when cutting energized conductors.

Conductor Cutters with Insulated Handles
Catalog Number Length Maximum Size & Type Conductor Weight
Handles Overall lb. kg.
C4031421 15 1/2" 21 1/2" 600 MCM A.A./350 MCM Cu. 4 1/2 2
C4031422 28 1/2" 35" 1000 MCM A.A./500 MCM Cu. 5 1/2 2.5
C4031423 28 1/2" 33 1/2" 336.4 MCM ACSR 5 2.2
Storage Bags Only
Catalog Number Size For Cutters, Catalog Numbers Weight
lb. kg.
C3060023 8" x 23" C403-1421 1/2 0.2
C3060000 12" x 38" C403-1422 or C403-1423 1/2 0.2
Cutter Heads Only
Catalog Number Description Weight
lb. kg.
P4031387P *1000 MCM A.A./ 500 MCM Cu. 2 1/4 1
P4031388P †336.4 MCM ACSR 2 1/4 1
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