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Hydraulic Cable Cutters

for guillotine-type jaw head for #6 Solid Copper (0.162" dia.) to 954 kcmil ACSR (1.16" dia.)

Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711

Easy operation, powerful construction
A single lineworker can easily cut large-gauge conductors with the power-assist of this tool's closed hydraulic system. It operates like a hydraulic jack, by simply pumping the handle.

Epoxiglas® pole, handle and hydraulic hose have been tested to 100kV per foot. Hydraulic oil has dielectric strength of more than 25kV per ASTM D877. Hose has minimum burst strength of 12,000 psi. Pump provides 9,000 psi maximum pressure.

Maintenance and operating instructions are included with each tool.

Ordering Information
Catalog No. Description Weight
C4032861 6-ft. Hydraulic Cutters 18 1/4 lb. (8.2 kg.)
C4032862 8-ft. Hydraulic Cutters 19 1/4 lb. (8.7 kg.)


Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711

This tool is used to cut conductors up to 954 MCM ACSR, All-Aluminum and 500 MCM copper. Operation is similar to that of an hydraulic jack; a knob-handle is turned to enable the lineman to operate the pump handle. When the cut is completed, the knob is turned in the opposite direction to allow the cutting head to open.

The Epoxiglas pole, handle and hydraulic hose have been tested to 100 kV per foot. Hydraulic oil has a dielectric strength of 25 + kV per ASTM D877-64. The hose has a minimum burst strength of 12,000 PSI. The pump provides a maximum pressure of 9,000 PSI.

Features include jaws designed to cut without flattening the conductor. The jaws are also adjustable to compensate for wear. The hydraulic hose is located outside the pole for easy maintenance. It is extremely well balanced, requiring minimum effort to cut large conductors.

Catalog No. Length Pole Dia. Range Weight
C4030731 6' 1 1/4" To 954 MCM ACSR 13 lb./5.9 kg.
C4030732 8' 1 1/4" To 954 MCM ACSR 15 lb./6.8 kg.
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