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Tree Trimmers

Chance Tree Trimmers are designed to cut up to 1-1/2" dia. branches and are especially useful around energized conductors or in hard to get places. The Tree Trimmer head features sharpened stationary and movable blades made of drop-forged steel. The rope and pulley arrangement gives the operator a mechanical advantage of 3 to 1. For example, a 10-lb. pull on the rope will exert a 30-lb. force on the cutter head lever. Ball bearing pulleys are employed for free operation.

The rope furnished with each basic tree trimmer is 25' long; which will accommodate a 6' extension on the basic tool. The 18" long Universal Tool Fitting is provided with 25' of rope.

A Universal Pruning Saw can be added to the universal fitting on the side of the head mount.

Splices telescope snugly and fasten securely to the splice fitting on the tool. Leaf spring button lock, shown, is used on the Epoxiglas® models.

Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711
Catalog No. Description Overall Length Approx. Weight
1 1/2" Poles 1 1/4" Poles
H2006 H2106 Epoxiglas Tree Trimmer • 6'10" 5 1/4 lb./
2.4 kg.
H2036 H2136 2-Splice Extension * 6' 3 1/2 lb./
1.6 kg.
H2038 H2138 2-Splice Extension * 8' 4 1/4 lb./
1.9 kg.
H2056 H2156 1-Splice Extension Δ 6' 3 1/4 lb./
1.5 kg.
H2058 H2158 1-Splice Extension Δ 8' 4 lb./
1.8 kg.
Catalog No. Description Weight
H2020 Head Only for 1 1/2" Epoxiglas Pole 1 3/4 lb./.8 kg.
H2120 Head Only for 1 1/4" Epoxiglas Pole 1 3/4 lb./.8 kg.
H21064 Universal Tree Trimmer, 18" Epoxiglas Pole 3 1/2 lb./1.8 kg.
P4032283P Blade Only for Any Head 7/8 lb./.4 kg.
C4032213 Universal Pruning Saw 1/2 lb./.2 kg.
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