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Superior Quality

Superior Quality Assurance

Your personal safety deserves no less than the best.

  • Top-Quality Assurance
    With an ISO 9001-certified facility, the manufacture of Chance rubber gloves and sleeves leads the industry in technological innovations and reducing environmental impact.
  • 100% Visually and Electrically Tested
    Every pair of gloves is visually inspected inside and out and electrically proof tested for 3 minutes per ASTM D120.
  • Full Product Traceability
    Every glove is marked with its born-on date and lot code on the outside of the glove, plus a safety stamp inside. These three markings record when the gloves were made and infomation about the manufacturing process.
  • Certified Chemical and Physical Laboratory
    Rubber compounds and finished gloves are analyzed and developed using the ISO 17025 certified laboratory in the factory.
  • Incoming Quality Assurance Inspections
    QA visual and electrical checks are performed on every shipment of Chance gloves and sleeves arriving at our distribution center in Centralia, MO.
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