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Straight Cuff Solid Color (Low Voltage)

Straight Cuff Solid Color - ASTM Class 00, 0

From the name you trust and the brand you depend on, Chance Lineman Grade Gloves are available now.

Featuring the ultimate protection you expect from the Chance name, our Lineman Grade Gloves also offer a new level of comfort and flexibility. Incorporating high dielectric and physical strength, these gloves exceed ASTM D120.

Available in straight cuff lengths of 11" and 14", Type I Chance Solid Color Gloves come in black, red and yellow colors.

Ergonomic innovation. Superior products. Timely solutions.

Just a few of the reasons the industry turns to Hubbell Power Systems and the Chance brand.

Color Red
Class 00 Class 0
Size 11" 11" 14"
7 PSC0011R7 PSC011R7 PSC014R7
8 PSC0011R8 PSC011R8 PSC014R8
8.5 PSC0011R8H PSC011R8H PSC014R8H
9 PSC0011R9 PSC011R9 PSC014R9
9.5 PSC0011R9H PSC011R9H PSC014R9H
10 PSC0011R10 PSC011R10 PSC014R10
10.5 PSC0011R10H PSC011R10H PSC014R10H
11 PSC0011R11 PSC011R11 PSC014R11
12 PSC0011R12 PSC011R12 PSC014R12
Color Yellow
Class 00 Class 0
Size 11 " 14 " 11 " 14 "
7 PSC0011Y7 PSC0014Y7 PSC011Y7 PSC014Y7
8 PSC0011Y8 PSC0014Y8 PSC011Y8 PSC014Y8
8.5 PSC0011Y8H PSC0014Y8H PSC011Y8H PSC014Y8H
9 PSC0011Y9 PSC0014Y9 PSC011Y9 PSC014Y9
9.5 PSC0011Y9H PSC0014Y9H PSC011Y9H PSC014Y9H
10 PSC0011Y10 PSC0014Y10 PSC011Y10 PSC014Y10
10.5 PSC0011Y10H PSC0014Y10H PSC011Y10H PSC014Y10H
11 PSC0011Y11 PSC0014Y11 PSC011Y11 PSC014Y11
12 PSC0011Y12 PSC0014Y12 PSC011Y12 PSC014Y12
Color Black
Class 00 Class 0
Size 11 " 14 " 11 " 14 "
7 PSC0011B7 PSC0014B7 PSC011B7 PSC014B7
8 PSC0011B8 PSC0014B8 PSC011B8 PSC014B8
8.5 PSC0011B8H PSC0014B8H PSC011B8H PSC014B8H
9 PSC0011B9 PSC0014B9 PSC011B9 PSC014B9
9.5 PSC0011B9H PSC0014B9H PSC011B9H PSC014B9H
10 PSC0011B10 PSC0014B10 PSC011B10 PSC014B10
10.5 PSC0011B10H PSC0014B10H PSC011B10H PSC014B10H
11 PSC0011B11 PSC0014B11 PSC011B11 PSC014B11
12 PSC0011B12 PSC0014B12 PSC011B12 PSC014B12
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