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Standard (Orange) Equi-Mat® Personal Protective Ground Grid

Complies with OSHA 1910.269 for equipotential requirements near vehicles, underground gear, overhead switches and in substations
• Meets ASTM F2715 Standard

Portable, lightweight, high performance

The Equi-Mat® Personal Protective Ground Grid provides an easy way to help establish an equipotential zone for a lineworker to stand on during various energized and deenergized work practices. Properly applied, it accomplishes compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 1910.269:

"Equipotential Zone. Temporary protective grounds SHALL be placed at such locations and arranged in such a manner as to prevent each employee from being exposed to hazardous differences in electrical potential."

The Equi-Mat® Personal Protective Ground Grid easily can be taken anywhere needed, is simple to use, maintain and store. It consists of a high-ampacity tinned-copper-braid cable sewn in a grid pattern onto a vinyl/polyester fabric. Cable terminals permit connecting the mat's grid in series with an electrical ground and the subject system component or vehicle. Simply rinsing with water comprises all the care the mat requires. The mat may be folded and stored in a tool bag to help keep it clean and protected. Complete instructions are included with each unit.

Ordering Information

Basic Equi-Mat® Personal Protective Ground Grid Each Basic Unit includes a Long Ball Stud and illustrated instructions.

Catalog No. Size Weight
Single 1/4" Perimeter Braid
PSC6003080* (Bucket) 24" x 24" 5 lb. / 2.3 kg.
C6002850 58" x 58" 8 lb. / 3.6 kg.
C6002851 58" x 120" 13 lb. / 5.9 kg.
C6002852 120" x 120" 20 lb. / 9.1 kg.

Pre-Packaged Kits

Each Pre-Packaged Kit includes Ground Grid (size below with Long Ball Stud and illustrated instructions) plus Ground Set T6002841 and Storage Bag C4170147.

Kit Catalog No. Equi-Mat® Personal Protective Ground Grid Size Weight per Kit
C6002989 58" x 58" 19 lb. /
8.6 kg.
C6002990 58" x 120" 27 lb. /
12.2 kg.
C6002991 120" x 120" 30 lb. /
13.6 kg.

Accessory Items

Easy to use, versatile to many applications

• Padmounted Transformers and Switches

Complies with OSHA 1910.269 for protecting workers operating and maintaining padmounted transformers and switchgear. The proper use of Equi-Mat Personal Protective Ground Grid in these applications creates an equipotential zone just as a cluster bar (chain binder) does in overhead grounding practices.

• Bottom of Personnel Bucket on Lift

Use only 24" x 24" Catalog No. PSC6003080.

• Mechanical Equipment (Vehicles, etc.) Grounding

It also helps provide compliance with OSHA 1910.269 for protecting workers around mechanical equipment which could become energized, such as utility vehicles and portable generators. For proper application, Equi-Mat Personal Protective Ground Grids are attached to the vehicle (for example) at locations where workers could contact the vehicle. This extends the area of equipotential around the vehicle.

• Overhead Distribution and Transmission Switches

Equi-Mat Personal Protective Ground Grid can help eliminate step and touch potential. Connect it to the handle of an overhead switch and stand on it when opening or closing the switch.

• Line Apparatus Work:

Similar uses for installing, maintaining or operating regulators, reclosers, capacitor banks.

• Suspect Substation Grids:

If station ground mat integrity is questionable, apply the Equi-Mat Personal Protective Ground Grid.

Simple to join multiples for larger areas

Cascading (or joining together) two or more mats is easy with the connecting tab and hardware furnished with each mat. So connected in series, the conductive grids become one. When ever a larger area is needed, simply place lug connector tabs of two adjacent mats on the supplied bolt or threaded shank of a ball stud and secure with supplied washer and nut.

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