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Tie Sticks

Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711

Chance Epoxiglas Tie Sticks are made with a variety of heads to meet every lineman's particular preference. Rotary Prong Tie Sticks, most linemen find are speedy and easy to operate for handling looped ties. Two-Prong Tie Sticks are preferred by many linemen for handling hot ties with loops. Rotary Blade Tie Sticks have a swivel action that permits greater freedom of movement than the fixed-blade types.

Catalog No. TIE STICKS Overall Length Approx. Weight
Head End
H185519 Rotary Prong Universal 8' 3" 3 lb./1.4 kg.
H185520 Two-Prong Universal 8' 4" 4 lb./1.8 kg.
H185525 Rotary Prong Rotary Blade 8' 2" 3 1/2 lb./
1.6 kg.
H185526 Rotary Blade Universal 8' 3" 3 1/4 lb./
1.5 kg.
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