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Trouble Shooter Kit

Multi-duty kit includes six 4-foot sections of field-proven 1-1/4" Epoxiglas® Universal Pole that snap together. Spring-loaded locking buttons permit uses at 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24-foot lengths. Butt section has Plastisol end cap. Fitting on top section with thumbscrew accepts such Universal Accessories as those in Kit:

  • Aluminum Disconnect Head for opening and closing switches, opening enclosed cutouts, etc. has built-in hanger hook.
  • Non-Metallic Disconnect Head provides additional insulation for indoor substations where buswork and switches are in close proximity. Plastisol cap at top; 19" overall length with 15" long Epoxiglas section.
  • Clamp Stick Head for use with 6" long eyescrew ground clamps has locking ring with detent ball for on-off operation. Aluminum alloy.
  • Tree Trimmer adds 1-1/2 feet to reach with 3-to-1 mechanical advantage pulley and 25 feet of furnished rope. Offset universal fitting on trimmer accepts pruning saw.
  • Pruning Saw with black Teflon® coating on fine-tooth blade for smooth, non-stick action attaches direct to top pole, tree trimmer or pistol grip.
  • Pistol Grip Saw Handle of aluminum alloy is for use when limbs can be reached and insulation is not needed.
  • Storage Case of yellow heavy-duty vinyl-impregnated fabric has separate pockets for individual tools and Velcro flap closures.

Kit forms compact 4-foot x 9-inch unit secured by two straps and plated buckles. At 24 pounds, kit easily totes by center carrying handle.

Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4031612 Complete Trouble Shooter Tool Kit 24 lb./10.8 kg.
Catalog No. Separate or Replacement Components Weight
C4032046 Top Section Epoxiglas Pole 2-1/4 lb./1.0 kg.
C4032062 Mid Section Epoxiglas Pole 2-1/4 lb./1.0 kg.
M44559 Aluminum Disconnect Head 1/8 lb./0.06 kg.
E4031614 Non-Metallic Disconnect Head 1-1/4 lb./0.6 kg.
M445529B Clamp Stick Head 1-1/4 lb./0.6 kg.
H21064 Tree Trimmer 3-1/2 lb./1.6 kg.
C4032213 Pruning Saw 1/2 lb./0.2 kg.
M445566 Pistol Grip Saw Handle 1/2 lb./0.2 kg.
P4032996 Storage Case 3-1/4 lb./1.5 kg.
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