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By-Pass Jumpers [15kV]

Threaded compression assemblies — each comprising a connector, nut and lockwasher, all of copper — are applied at the cable ends. Two clamps (each a Chance C6001743) also come installed with cable strain-relief clamps to complete the by-pass jumper set.

• Rated for 15 kV phase-to-phase systems

Center support for easy applications

Available in four jumper-cable sizes, this by-pass jumper design features mid-span an orange 8-foot-long epoxy-resin, fiberglass-reinforced-plastic (FRP) tube. The rigid 11/2-inch- O.D. tube serves as a support for easy handling of the jumper set by rubber gloves or hot-line tools. This makes the unit especially handy when jumpering switchgear, reclosers or cutting in double deadends.

Completely pre-assembled

Two non-metallic hangers — one at each end of the FRP support tube — provide for parking the by-pass clamps while moving the jumper set into or out of the work area. Since the 16-foot-long jumper cable (with EPR jacket) is secured where it exits the FRP tube, 4 feet of cable extend from both ends of the rigid support.

Ordering Information

Insulated Jumper Sets Each: 16-ft. overall length (includes 8-ft. tube) with two C6001743 clamps applied on cable by copper connector assemblies

Catalog Number Cable Size, AWG Continuous Current Rating Weight (lb./kg.)
C6010260 #2 — 15kV 200 amperes 27/12.15
C6010261 1/0 — 15kV 260 amperes 29/13.05
C6010262 2/0 — 15kV 300 amperes 32/14.4
C6010263 4/0 — 15kV 400 amperes 37/16.65

Clamp Specifications

• Aluminum body with smooth jaws
• Bronze eyescrew with fine threads

Recommended Torque 250 inch-pounds
Main Line Range:  
Minimum #6 Solid Copper (0.162")
Maximum 1590 kcmil ACSR (1.5")
Terminal threads 5/8"-11 UNC
(plus cable strain-relief clamps)
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