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By-Pass Jumper [34.5kV]

20 kV Phase-to-Ground

A solid aluminum rod is epoxi-sealed inside a polypropylene tube which is silicone-sealed inside a 11/2" Chance Hot Stick handle.

Brass couplings are threaded onto the end of the solid rod, pinned and three feet of 4/0, clear - jacketed grounding cable is threaded into the coupling.

Current capacity is 400 amps.

Catalog No. Description Approx. Wt.
C6010036 8' Epoxiglas, 14' Over-all
w/Threaded Stud Terminals
18 lb./
8.1 kg.
C6010037 10' Epoxiglas, 16' Over-all
w/Threaded Stud Terminals
21 lb./
9.5 kg.
C6010038 12' Epoxiglas, 18' Over-all
w/ Threaded Stud Terminals
24 lb./
10.8 kg.
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