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Jumper Cable rated Ø-Ø 15kV

with EPR Insulation/Jacket

Extremely flexible even at low temperatures, this cable features an insulation/jacket combination resistant to abrasion, oil, heat, moisture and ozone. The natural orange color of this mold-cured ethylene-propylene-base coating imparts high visibility. For easy identification, AWG size and voltage rating are embossed at 4-foot intervals.

For extended service life, an extruded screen interfaces insulation and conductor. This strand screen improves voltagestress control by adding dielectric strength and eliminating internal corona.

Insulation and conductor screen meet and exceed ICEA-NEMA standard S-68-516.

For easy handling in adverse conditions, conductors are extra flexible alloy-coated copper-stranded rope per ASTM B-189 or B-33.

Ampacity ratings are based on 90°C conductor temperature at 40°C ambient.

Type I per ASTM F 2321 Standard Specification

Catalog No. Size AWG Stranding Approx. Cond. Diameter Approx. Cable O.D. Approx. Ampacity Rating, Amps Weight Per 1000 Ft.
S10043 #2 259/No. 26 0.322" 0.779" 200 438 lb./197 kg.
S10044 1/0 413/No. 24 0.404" 0.863" 260 598 lb./269 kg.
S10045 2/0 273/No. 23 0.455" 0.914" 300 707 lb./318 kg.
S10046 4/0 437/No. 21 0.602" 1.065" 400 1047 lb./471 kg.
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