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Chance Sentinel Leakage-Current Monitor

To alert utility-line workers of overcurrent conditions on such aerial devices as insulated ladders and truck booms, the Chance Sentinel sounds an alarm if leakage current reaches a pre-set level. The leakage setting adjusts from 1 to 1,000 microamperes in resolution increments of 0.1 microamp.

The audible warning eliminates the need to watch the actual current level, continuously displayed on the Chance Sentinel's digital LCD screen. The alarm sounds immediately upon overcurrent and continues until the condition is corrected.

To also trigger a truck horn or other external alarm, a jack on the instrument panel accepts a standard 1/4" two-conductor phone plug.

A test terminal on the panel permits a simple continuity check of the monitor leads prior to each operation. Before each use, the instrument automatically performs a rapid electronic self test. Simple operating steps are printed on the inside lid panel. A detailed instruction sheet also comes with each unit.

Kit includes 1 coaxial cable and battery, plus 2 jumpers and 3 hose clamps for connections to two- or three-rail ladders. Brackets on box secure to an earth-grounded structure up to 5/8" thick such as a transmission tower.

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4070025 Chance Sentinel Kit 9 lb./4.05 kg.
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