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Storage Canisters for Rubber Insulating Blankets

Storage Canisters for
Rubber Insulating Blankets

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4032998 No handle, 7" dia.,
37" long
6 lb. / 2.7 kg.
C4032999 With handle, 10" dia.,
37" long
7-5/8 lb. / 3.43 kg.

Proper storage extends blanket life, provides easy access in service

For physical and contamination protection, these canisters provide are lightweight yet durable and stow easily on service vehicles and in warehouses.

Cylindrical shape helps promote proper treatment since rubber blankets should never be folded, creased or compressed when stored. Rolling blankets before inserting helps keep them ready for service. Blankets nested inside each other may be inserted or withdrawn one at a time as needed.

Long-lasting construction

The bright orange canisters are molded of high-impactresistant high-density polyethylene for tough, rust-free resilience. A polypropylene rope keeps the tight-fitting cap secured to the canister.

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