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EHV Side-Opening Insulator Cradle

Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711
Designed specifically for selective removal of any one string in deadend bundles, double, triple or quad, the Side-Open Cradle eliminates the need of removing top strings in the bundle to get at the lower string.

The EHV Side-Opening Cradle is designed to be used on only EHV deadend strings for removing only one string in a double, triple or quad deadend bundle. (See catalog page 2260.)

Available in 9, 13 and 16-foot lengths, cradles are shipped complete with bridle for attaching to Swivel Boom, an Insulator Retaining Plate and either 15 or 31-inch Hook Assemblies. The 15-inch assembly is used for single or double deadends while the 31-inch Assembly is for removal of the bottom strings in 4-bundle deadends, and for double "V"-string assemblies.

The 9-foot Cradle is rated 500 pounds maximum load, and the 13 and 16-foot Cradles are rated at 1000 pounds maximum load.

The Insulator Retaining Plate is dual purpose, one side adaptable to 11-inch insulator bells and the opposite of the plate for 123/4-inch bells.

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4010358 9' Cradle, 15" Support Hooks 93 lb./
41.9 kg.
C4010359 9' Cradle, 31" Support Hooks 97 1/2 lb./
43.9 kg.
C4010356 13' Cradle, 15" Support Hooks 119 lb./
53.6 kg.
C4010357 13' Cradle, 31" Support Hooks 123-1/2 lb./
55.6 kg.
C4010354 16' Cradle, 15" Support Hooks 125 lb./
56.7 kg.
C4010355 16' Cradle, 31" Support Hooks 130-1/2 lb./
58.7 kg.
C4010361 15" Support Hooks, one only 10 lb./
4.5 kg.
C4010362 31" Support Hook, one only 11-1/2 lb./
5.2 kg.
C4010455 Insulator Retaining Plate 7 1/2 lb./
3.4 kg.
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