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Static Ground

Designed to eliminate the problem of electrostatic charge when working insulator strings. The Chance Static Ground drains off the charge from the insulator string to the tower leg. Six feet of No. 2 grounding cable is attached to the Static Ground tool and a flat face clamp attaches to the either end of the grounding cable.

The adjustable jaws of the Static Ground fit insulator caps from 2-1/2" to 6". Overall length with a 1-1/4" x 19" Epoxiglas® pole, is 30".

To ground an insulator string, attach the flat face clamp to the tower leg and the Static Ground just under the first insulator cap.

For barehand work, attach the flat face clamp to the bucket shield system and the Static Ground under the second insulator from the LIVE end.

Catalog No. Description Approx. Wt.
HG42301 W/Eyescrew Clamp No. G33633SJ 5 lb./2.3 kg.
C6000000 W/"T" Handle Clamp No. G33634SJ 5 lb./2.3 kg.
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