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Suspension Insulator Tools

Several optional tools for relieving the load on suspension insulator strings are shown on the page. Where the same line crews work on both deadend and suspension structures, the Adjustable Strain Poles on Page 2253 can be used as the base tool for suspension insulator changeouts.


The C4011722 yoke is used with the H2947 series adjustable strain poles on page 2253. The C4010168 yoke is used with clevis strain poles on page 2257. Both yokes are fabricated from high strength aluminum plate. With a maximum load of 15,000 pounds per insulator string, this yoke has two spring loaded latches which engage and lock the pole clamp into position on the yoke, 26 inches apart center-to-center, thus providing adequate clearance for corona rings.

An eyebolt, which may be assembled on either side of the yoke, facilitate rigging.

The yoke is equipped with a swivel saddle designed to cope with the variables of suspension strings on running corners.

The saddle will rotate a full 360°. The saddle will handle conductor yoke plates up to 1" in thickness.

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4011722 Strain-Pole Suspension Yoke with 3-1/2" Swivel Saddle 26 lb./11.7 kg.
C4010168 Clevis Pole Suspension Yoke with 3-1/2" Swivel Saddle 23 lb./10.4 kg.


The adjustable Hook Assembly can be used with the adjustable strain poles shown on page 2253 as a direct method of relieving the load on a suspension string. The conductor clamp has a contoured seat with a trapping gripper and is operated by an eyescrew. Conductor range is 1-1/8" to 2-1/2" diameter. The hook can be positioned every 6" on the strain pole. The hook is self-aligning within a range of 45° either side of vertical. The maximum load is 3,500 pounds.

Catalog No. Description Weight
M47241 Adjustable Hook Assembly 6 lb./2.7 kg.


The Suspension Link Stick is designed for use on conductors from 1" to 2-1/2" diameter and can be used with various types of takeup devices at the structure end. The lip of the hook, actuated by an eye screw, swivels to accommodate various conductor sizes. The maximum load is 6,500 pounds.

Catalog No. Pole Dia. & Length Weight
H472084 1-1/2" x 84" 14 lb./6.3 kg.
H472096 1-1/2" x 96" 16 lb./7.2 kg.
H4720114 1-1/2" x 114" 18 lb./8.1 kg.

Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711
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