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Tension Puller Switching Tool

35 kV Ø-Ø, 600 amps cont, 150 kV BIL

Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711
Tension Puller Switching Tool combines line-tension disconnect switch with Epoxiglas® insulated tool as above. Weathershed polymer skirts are bonded to 1-1/2"-diameter pole. Compression clamps secure switch hot parts to pole. Bypass stud (1/2"-dia.) at each end of switch accepts 3"-wide jumper clamps. Copper switch blade with silver-plated contacts opens to 90°, or 180° with stop pin removed. Galvanized hooks are provided for operation by loadbreak device.

With handling rings, this tool may be operated by either hot-line tools or rubber-glove techniques. Illustrated instructions give procedures for installation, operation and maintenance.

Hooks on ends are fixed so as not to swivel. Latch on hooks has a spring-loaded gate able to rotate 135 degrees left or right from the closed position. Selector lever on ratchet wrench is extra large for easier operation by hot line tools.

Hot line jumpers installed on conductor and tool's bypass studs create parallel circuit. Conductor is securely restrained before cut. Long tail is clamped back onto itself. Portable loadbreak device may be used to open switch. For additional recommendations, refer to ANSI C37.35 IEEE Guide for the Application, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of High Voltage Air Disconnecting and Load Intrerrupter Switches. NOTE: Specifications are same as for 34.5 kV unit above.

Operate disconnect switch with only a portable loadbreak tool.

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4001907 Tension Puller Switching Tool 22 lb. / 9.9 kg.

Tension Puller Hook Adapter C4000573

The Hook Adapter is a field-replacement item for adding the catch and the hotstick eye. The Adapter is interchangeable with hooks of both Tension Pullers above.

Tie Back Clamp C4000600 Conductor Range: #4 to 397.4 kcmil ACSR

The Tie Back Clamp installs with a Grip-All clampstick. It is used with a Tension Puller to keep the tail of a conductor out of the work area by tying it back to the main line after it has been cut. The clamp also may be used to hold a jumper on the main line while applying a compression connector.

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