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Trolley Pole Suspension Insulator Tool

The Trolley Pole Assembly serves as a convenient method of rolling a string of suspension insulators into the structure so that the damaged units can be replaced. The tool can be fastened, horizontally under the tower arm, using tower type wire tong saddles.

Two types of Trolley Wheel Units are available with single (H47234) or tandem (C4000152) wheels. The tandem wheel units are used on extremely long strings of insulators for better weight distribution. Both trolley wheel types will roll on either a 2-1/2" or 3" Epoxiglas® pole.

The slotted Suspension Insulator Attachment bolts to the end of the Trolley Pole and can be fitted under the top insulator. So applied, the entire string can be lifted free by a slight down pressure on the structure end of the Trolley Pole.

The insulators are returned to position on the Trolley Pole after the necessary changeouts have been made.

Catalog No. Description Weight
H47232 Fork Suspension Tool Attachment for 2-1/2" Pole 15-1/2 lb./7.0 kg.
H4721112 Trolley Pole (2-1/2" x 12') 18-1/2 lb./8.3 kg.
H47234 Single Trolley Wheel with 2-1/2" Pole Clamp 6 lb./2.7 kg.
C4000152 Tandem Trolley Wheel with 2-1/2" Pole Clamp 13 lb./5.9 kg.
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