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EHV Trough-Design Insulator Cradle

Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711
This Chance Cradle is used for making insulator changes on lines energized up to and including 500 kV. It is used to lower insulator strings on deadend and swinging-corner construction, and to raise the insulators on long suspension units.

The EHV Trough-Design Cradle is designed to be used on 345 kV to 500 kV deadend or suspension strings and in combination with insulator cradle carriers for moving the insulators. (See catalog page 2259.)

Heat-treated aluminum castings, durable Epoxiglas® poles, and steel hardware combine to make the cradle a strong and dependable piece of equipment. The aluminum castings are a weight-saving feature providing ease in handling.

The deep "trough" design of the cradle holds the insulator string securely and prevents accidental dropping of the string while the slotted insulator-retaining plate secures the top insulator of the string.

The insulator-laden cradle can be raised or lowered for easier insulator changes using a bail attached to a link stick. Hooks are furnished for installing and removing the deadend tool from insulator yokes.

The Insulator Cradle Carrier utilizes a spiral link stick as a support member for the three hook and clamp assemblies and has a 2-1/2" Epoxiglas® insulated ridgepole. The maximum load is 500 pounds.

Catalog No. Description Max. 10" Insulator Capacity Weight
H19509 9' Insulator Cradle 19 23 lb./
10.45 kg.
C4010015 11'4" Insulator Cradle 25 27 lb./
12.27 kg.
H195090 Insulator Cradle Carrier - 25 lb./
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